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Rat Bike Magazine is the first and original online e-zine that features all types of bikes such as American, Brittish, Metrics and of course cool Rat Bikes.

It includes... but isn't limited to Bobbers, Choppers and Customs along with Vintage as well as new builds.

It's all about you and your machine and the guys next door who build them. A magazine where you and I can speak our mind, submit pictures of our rides and stories. Share your tech tips as well as ours. And indulge in the biker lifestyles.

Other occasional features include biker fiction and non-fictional stories, biker poems and cartoons. (Not every issue is the same, we like to mix it up). One of my favorite features is the Readers Rides where "you" submit your pics of your ride, weather it be a rat bike or not, complete or not... we want to see it ! And it just might make it in the magazine.

We want to hear from you, so don't be a stranger... drop a line, submit some pics or if you have a knack for writting.... submissions are always welcome!

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